A Green School Year

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The sun is starting to set on the golden summer; the trees are slowly changing colors; and the air is getting slightly cooler. We all know that time of year, when you are suddenly awoken from a lazy, summer sleep with the sound of a school bell. Kids are heading back to school, and that means it’s time to get prepared and hunt down the best school supplies out there! This school year is going to stand out from all the rest because this year is going to kick off with positive excitement with new, eco-friendly school supplies! With these “green” school supplies you will learn in confidence, and mother Earth will give you an ‘A’ for achieving an environmentally healthy school lifestyle!

Pens and Pencils

We all know that pencils have a short-lived life during the school year. But have you ever thought about how many trees are cut down to supply all of those pencils? Instead of using old-fashioned pencils, try Paper Mate Earth Write Recycled Pencils that are made from 100% recycled materials (including the lead and eraser).  Smencils is another brand that make eco-friendly pencils. Their pencils are made from recycled newspapers, and if that’s not cool enough, they are also infused with fun scents! You can find these scented, recycled pencils at Uncommon Goods.

So there you are writing up a well-written essay when all of a sudden your words begin to fade…your pen ran out of ink. But just wait! Before you toss more and more pens into the trash, consider getting refillable pens. This is a definite “green” move, because the U.S. throws away 5.1 billion pens each year!! And that adds 770 tons of plastic waste to the landfills! You can also purchase pens that are made out of recycled materials, such as Vegan Essentials.

Paper and Such

As the homework load heightens, so does the pile of paper that is used. With all of that paper being made and thrown away, consider recycling all of your old paper once the semester is over, and use both sides of the paper. Or better yet, you can purchase 100% recycled paper! This eco-friendly paper is now commonly seen in your local Staples store. Notebooks are another paper hogging source, and getting Ecojot’s 100% post-consumer recycled paper notebooks will lessen the environmental impact. Ecojot’s notebooks come in a variety of graphic designs and sizes; although the company is not open for business until September of 2011. In the meantime, you can get eco-friendly notebooks from Delight.

Organization is essential to a successful learning experience! And those handy three-ring binders certainly do the trick. But the unsustainable, plastic binders just add disorder to the environment. Consider getting recycled, corrugated cardboard binders from Re-Binder (www.rebinder.com).

The Colorful Fun Stuff  

Every healthy mind needs a decent amount of creativity! You just need some color and paste, and your project is on its way. This school year, consider using soy crayons or bees wax crayons. You can get soy crayons that are nontoxic, and made out of soybean oil at www.stubbypencilstudio.com. Regular wax crayons contain petrochemicals that are not eco-friendly. Sorry Crayola! If you’re more of a pencil person, don’t fret because O’BONaza Colored Pencils are made out of recycled newspaper. Plus, with every purchase a tree is planted. You can find these longer-lasting color pencils at www.myobon.com. As for the cutting and gluing, Kleen Earth supplies scissors that have handles that are made from recycled plastic. While Coccoina supplies adhesive glue paste that is made of potato starch. This paste works on paper and fabric, plus it’s solvent-free!


With the endless list of needed school supplies, you don’t expect to hand carry the load, do you? Ospry Cypher Bags allows us to have the opportunity to have eco-friendly backpacks that are made out of recycled materials; including reground buckles and recycled webbing. You can find these “green” backpacks at www.planetgreen.com.


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