About Us

Lori Sullivan

Lori’s 20 year career has spanned engineering, consumer research, marketing, and business strategy. About 7 years ago, while working on the marketing team at Saturn, she began to study the green consumer to develop marketing and business plans for the brand.  As she worked on these eco-friendly strategies, she began to look at her own lifestyle and started making small, adjustments to lessen her impact on the environment.  Lori quickly realized that simple changes can make a big difference.  This led her to the concept for One Shade Greener – making small changes in business and at home to become “one shade greener”.

Lori is married with two children – a daughter who is 13 and a son who is 10. Although she has made a lot of lifestyle changes over the years, she considers her family to be a “medium” shade of green.  Considering they started from “non-green”, that is definitely progress! She realizes that there is always more to learn and more changes to be made. She enjoys helping others as they begin or continue their journey to become “One Shade Greener.”  In her spare time, Lori enjoys making upcycled jewelry, reading business books, photography, running/pilates, and spending time with family and friends.

For details of her professional experience, take a look at her LinkedIn profile.

Katelyn Walton

Katelyn graduated from Walled Lake Northern High School and will be heading to Oakland University this fall majoring in Environmental Science.  She is a very creative writer with a passion for all things “green”.  Katelyn manages the One Shade Greener Facebook page, posts green living articles on the blog and markets the One Shade Greener jewelry line.

Here’s a bit more about Katelyn in her own words.

I’m just the typical soon to be 18 year old girl who enjoys being with her friends and family.  I love my new One Shade Greener job.  I think the company has great ideas that can literally change the world!  And I am proud to be an employee.  I have always been passionate about the environment; I would always pick out water bottles from the garbage can and put them in the recycling bin, and pick up litter off the ground.  I think the job is perfect for me.