Stop by and say “Hello”!

One Shade Greener is continuing to seek out events for the summer including art fairs, farmer’s markets and possibly a beer or wine festival.  We are very excited for our next big event scheduled right here in Plymouth, MI in just a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, how about gathering a group of friends, family, or neighbors together for a home party.  What a great reason to hang out and do a little shopping.  Check out the details below.

Plymouth Art in The Park

One Shade Greener is excited to be participating in Art in the Park for the first time this year.  We are busy making jewelry as quickly as we can to build up stock for this big art event.  This will be the first time the jewelry line crosses from a “green” event to a mainstream art fair.  We are very hopeful that visitors will be excited by our upcycled designs and begin to consider other eco-chic finds at festivals and online.  If you are in the area July 8th-10th, be sure to stop by the display!

Trunk Show Home Parties – Schedule one today!

Gather a group of friends and host a One Shade Greener jewelry trunk show (in the Metro Detroit area). The session includes a 30 minute introduction to living a greener lifestyle packed full of ideas and resources. Throughout the event, One Shade Greener jewelry is on display to shop live and create designs for special orders.  This is a great way to discover a gift for yourself or someone else on your list. To schedule, just send a note to

What People are Saying

From events that have been held, here are a few of the comments….

“Lori did a great job of demystifying the often confusing, information-stuffed world of becoming more green.  Her advice helps you make the right choices for YOU on how to improve your lifestyle and the world around you.”  – Lisa

“I walked out of the class with a broader perspective on “green” and with some great strategies to help me make personal changes. I loved that the class was delivered in a low-pressure, guilt-free way that didn’t make me feel that there was only one right way to be green.”  – Kim

“Thank you so much for the great class the other night. It was very, very informative. Thank you, too, for all the great information and resources you provided. I have a lot of reading and researching to do. I’m even more determined to try to go at least one shade greener with some of the things I learned in your class.”  – Diane

“Thanks Lori for a great session on living greener! I walked away inspired to make changes in my lifestyle. I also realized that my definition of green was expanded beyond recycling and energy savings into other areas I hadn’t considered – like organic foods and cleaning products.”  – Cheryl