Work Greener

With significant experience in Business and Marketing strategy, One Shade Greener can help you take your green strategy to the next level. We offer a variety of business services to adapt to the unique needs of your company. Here are examples of services provided:

Business Strategy – You have a green product or service, but need some assistance ensuring that your business is walking the talk. An overall business plan will ensure that all aspects of the company have a focus on sustainability.

Brand Development – Focused on the company’s target customer, brand positioning and brand personality are defined or refined.
Marketing Strategy – Your current marketing plan seems to be missing the market potential you know is out there. One Shade Greener can provide strategic thoughts on your current plan or help you develop an entirely new one.

Research and Trends – Consulting and publications that provide clients with the latest information on the pulse of the sustainable marketplace.

Employee Training – The best green innovations tend to come from the internal team. Corporate training is available to ensure your team is “thinking green.”

Live Greener

From classes to lifestyle assessments, One Shade Greener strives to provide individuals with the inspiration and ideas they need to make eco-friendly lifestyle adjustments. Here are a few of the services available:

Green Lifestyle Classes – Classes available on a variety of topics including – Green Lifestyle Strategies, Recycling, Home Maintenance, Greening Baby, Transportation and more. Please check the events page for upcoming classes.

Lifestyle Assessment – Are you ready to make lifestyle changes to lighten your impact on the environment? In many cases, you will find that these changes will save you money and improve your health. A lifestyle assessment will identify opportunities for change and set personal goals. Please send a note to to set up an appointment.

Additional Services

Do you have a green project in mind that is not described above? No problem. Each opportunity is unique and we can tailor a program specifically for your needs. Here are a few examples:

Green School – Your school may be well on the path to green or just getting started. Together we can create a program to explore the possibilities.

Green Community – We can explore ideas to make an entire community greener – from education, to community recycling, and beyond.